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May 25, 2016, 8:21 AM

Appalachian AWAKENING

I haven't written here in a while, as I've been traveling much....just got back from an 8-state trip.  God is doing so many wonderful things through "humble" Pastors that carry HIS HEART, and they are positioned in small rural churches in the Eastern hills of Kentucky and Tennessee.  I am SOOO amazed at what HE has planned.   

GOD showed me what HE was going to do in a great time of awakening in those Appalachian mountains.  SEVEN years ago, GOD called me to a small town in Tennessee and I felt such a "BURDEN" for that area and that land.  HE also showed me my spiritual and physical connection to that Appalachian area.  One day in a prayer meeting at a local church in TN, as I stood at the front glass door of a church and was praying over the city and that region, I had a "DAY VISION".  GOD showed me a picture of the Appalachain mountain range, and all through it I saw little "FIRES", and he spoke and said HE is going to start little "fires of revival and outpouring" in that mountain area, that will come together as one huge FIRE of AWAKENING!!  I told some people this in that church (Connection Fellowship) that were there that day.  

On another day, as I was leaving a Sunday service, I was heading South on I-75 and took a LEFT at the Corbin exit, and started driving up Clinch Mountain.  While in my care I hear "audible voices" of a multitude of people "praying in tongues".   I was taken off guard by this, because this kind of thing just doesn't happen to me all the time (lol), and my knee-jerk reaction was, "WHAT IS THAT LORD??"  I heard the Holy Spirit say "Those are the prayers of your ancestors."  I didn't really know what all that meant until the Lord began to teach and show me the true meaning of this later.  (My heritage is that my mom is Cherokee Indian and my dad is Scotch-Irish--both from that Appalachian REGION!!)  God also told me to do some unusual things, like put on moccasins, and walk and pray over "THE LAND".    GOD also prompted me to gather the PASTOR of the CITY and go to the 4-Borders of the City of Morristown, TN (North, South, East, West) and to plant four wooden stakes with the word of GOD in them and to "purify the LAND with the WORD of GOD"!!!  I know this sounds strange....but I did it -- obedience.  

What I discovered later is that in the Shearer Schoolhouse Revival - a series of HOLY GHOST OUTPOURING meetings was conducted in the summer of 1896 in Cherokee County, North Carolina, United States--was characterized by what participants believed to be the biblical experience of speaking in tongues. Many of the participants of these worship gatherings eventually organized into what is now known as the Church of God (Cleveland).  What GOD was saying is that the prayers from our ancestors that prayed for revival are coming together with our prayers, and the bowels in Heaven are going to TIP and the Lord will answer those prayers and cries of REVIVAL in a great "Appalachian Awakening"!! 

The LORD showed this to me SEVEN years ago.  Last year, the Lord propmpted me to start going back to Tennessee.  Last year on the WAY to TN, GOD SPOKE and said, "GO AGAIN UNTIL IT's FINISHED. 

I believe that we are starting to see the OUTPOURING and a GREAT AWAKENING in this Appalachian Mountain Area!!  I know that MANY PASTORS and CHURCHES and PEOPLE have been praying.  This area is READY for REVIVAL!!


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