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October 19, 2015, 12:10 PM


I just felt like sharing a couple of my thoughts that I have had since our first RE-LAUNCH Meeting of Women of the Vine on Saturday morning.  I have felt very encouraged to see women who are hungry after God and who want to grow in the Lord to become all that God has meant for them to be.  

This group of women will grow to become a true "COMMUNITY" of women that will create a safe place for women to come and share our struggles, heartbreaks, pains, joys, victories, and amazing stories of what GOD is doing in our lives.  I was so encourged to already see the Holy Spirit begin to move in our meeting as one of these women who had just met another, was led by the Holy Spirit to speak into the heart of another woman her struggles, but then also reached out with such love and care to come together in a one-on-one time for true innner healing in the future.   This was done ONLY through the work of the Holy Spirit among us.

Then conversations turned intimate into what we women sometimes struggle with, but WOW, what a wonderful thing to see women trusting other women with their most intimate details of their lives.  NOW that's a miracle!

I am really looking forward to what this group will grow into.  I know that so many leaders do not have a TRUE SAFE PLACE to come to share confidential issues, and know that this will be kept in confidence, and that they will be treated with such care and love that will bring healing to their "wounded souls".  


We are also looking forward to equipping women in the word of God, being empowered through the anointing of the Holy Ghost and moving out as WARRIOR WOMEN to do what God has purposed us to do!!

ARISE WARRIOR WOMEN!!!  The time is NOW!!!


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