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April 7, 2019, 10:35 AM




We have an enemy…our enemy is not each is satan.  Satan hates Christians…sons and daughters of God, because we are made in HIS image.  Satan cannot stand us for that…he is an enemy of God and us.  One of satan’s goals is to “steal our identity” however he can, and stop God’s plan of multiplying HIS image and HIS Kingdom on earth.  Satan can do this through a number of strategies…he can kill us through abortion, drugs, or suicide.  He can convince us to not receive our new life and the image as sons and daughters, by deceiving our minds and keeping us in a mental state that we don’t realize who we are in Christ.  He does this by bringing on mental illness through hurts and trauma such as sex or human trafficking, rape, domestic violence, child abuse,war, sexual perversion or abuse…and other trauma’s or pain and heartbreak.  If satan can convince you to fall for the lies, to believe a lie, live in the lies of the past trauma…he wins.  He is the father of all lies!


There has been so much in our community, nation and body of Christ in regards to a really old issue…”Racisim”.  I have recently discovered a tweet by a man who called “Minister Farakan”.  His tweet on 4/6/19 completely grieved me to my core.  It was Anti-Christ, and Anti-Israel..and he is in support of Islam.  He is an American black nationalist and minister who is the leader of the religious group Nation of Islam (NOI). Previously, he served as the minister of mosques in Boston and Harlem and had been appointed National Representative of the Nation of Islam by former NOI leader Elijah Muhammad.  Not to my surprise, Micelle and Barack Obama have been seen in his company, and seem to have befriended this man.  It is no surprise to me because I have said all along that Obama is a Muslim (even though he lies and says he is a Christian)…his actions speak otherwise!  How is it that we allowed this man, as a leader in our Whitehouse, to be the ruling authority over our nation when he obviously does not have a moral compass to lead with good values, values that are not racist and anti-Christian and anti-Israel??  He sent $150 Billion dollars to Iran, and let’s not forget about Benghazi that happened on his watch.   


I believe that God want us as Christians to lead by HIS Godly laws and principles…found in the Holy Bible.  One of these principles is that if we sow discord among the brethren, this is an abomination to God,  Proverbs 6:16.  Obama has and still does continually sow discord in the form of “racisim” in our Nation.  The popular left liberal Democratic candidates that are arising now to run for office are all supporting ideologies  and values that are NOT Christian…abortion, gay marriage, socialism and racism to name a few.  In a democracy…the people elect their leader…verses in a Theocracy.  We cannot operate as Christians and just ignore the values of who we allow or elect and put into office…as they are the ruling authority over our nation.  I don’t believe that “hate drives out hate”…or that “racism drives out racism”, and anytime a leader chooses to make statements that separate by race…they are continuing to promote the “racist narrative”.  When we say things like…”black lives matter”, “black power” or make statements like this is a “black church”, a black community, and we need to have “black music” at our events…we are excluding other races…this is known as “segregation”…something we used to speak out against! 


Unfortunately people are being lied to, used and manipulated for “POLICTICAL PLATFORMS” to be promoted.  People are being “USED FOR VOTES”.  The left democratic party is using a “deep wound” such as slavery from the past, to promote their political agenda.  They keep picking off the scab of that hurt, reopening it up, and continuing to create a narrative that continues to keep this division and DISCORD going.  They are using “victimhood” as their “political currency”!  The wound never is allowed to heal.  What grieves me about all of this is that people are buying the lie!  I agree that we may still have work to do in bringing complete unity and inclusivity into a community and nation…but we need to wake up and look at how these politicians are manipulating people for their own agenda! 


What we need to realize is that everyone, black or white, has the same opportunities in America to be anything they WORK HARD to become.  I am white…and I had NO PRIVILEGES growing up.  I had to work hard at becoming “self supportive”.  My heart is to encourage all that they have this same opportunity to live a successful life, and to stop allowing others to convince them to “accept their current state” and keep living a life filled with oppressive hate, racism, and living in poverty, accepting entitlements from the government.  Stop living a life of entitlement.  I know we all need help once in a while from social services…but don’t STAY in that mindset all your life!


God has called us out to ALL be blessed and to give us abundantly all that we can ask or imagine.  Let’s take hold of the promises that God has laid out for us in HIS Kingdom…and walk in love and unity with each other! 


STOP the racist and hate talk!  Racism STOPS with you!  This ideology can STOP with you!  CHOOSE TODAY to live FREE!! JESUS made you FREE!!

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March 18, 2019, 2:20 PM



This blog contains CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECTS…if you are easily offended please stop reading now.

Lately in the last several weeks, I have seen many “controversial” subjects arise not only among political parties, but within the body of Christ…people that we call Christians.  We have so many disagreements that we are now seeing due to the spirit of division not only in our Nation, but in our Christian brothers and sisters.  This is nothing new in the Body of Christ or in our Nation.  I am sometimes caught in the middle of these opposing viewpoints…and it can get very uncomfortable, and even a little disconcerting.  I sometimes am torn between what is the fine line of being a “peacemaker” versus being “complacent”.  We will tend to bow down and not speak up for what is good, what is truth and what is righteous, just so we don’t have to have deal with confrontation ever from our friends or families, so we can “keep the peace”.  I have recently spent a week sabbatical with the Lord on one of my favorite mountains, my place of heritage…and heard the Lord speak into my spirit some “RECONFIRMING” WORDS on what HE has in the past called me to do, which has moved me out of my complacent mode!  I have heard since last year, over and over, him telling me again and again, that I am to be a VOICE for HIS TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS and to “speak the words HE puts in my mouth, and to diminish not a word”. (Jeremiah 26: 2 Thus saith the Lord; Stand in the court of the Lord's house, and speak unto all the cities of Judah, which come to worship in the Lord's house, all the words that I command thee to speak unto them; diminish not a word:).  HE reminded me that as a prophetic intercessor that HE imparts warnings to me through dreams, visions and prophetic words…that I am to intercede as a “watchman on the wall” for our nation and warn the people of what is coming (Ezekiel 332 Son of man, speak to the children of thy people, and say unto them, When I bring the sword upon a land, if the people of the land take a man of their coasts, and set him for their watchman:3 If when he seeth the sword come upon the land, he blow the trumpet, and warn the people;4 Then whosoever heareth the sound of the trumpet, and taketh not warning; if the sword come, and take him away, his blood shall be upon his own head.5 He heard the sound of the trumpet, and took not warning; his blood shall be upon him. But he that taketh warning shall deliver his soul.6 But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.)  That I will go directly before the King and intercede and cry out for mercy for a Nation just as Esther did, and that I will not hold my peace, for HE has created me for such a time as this. (Esther 4:12-14).

I believe in this day and time we are living in, we will start to see our Nation fall more and more into darkness, and that it is now time that we STAND UP and BOLDLY DECLARE TRUTH and WARN America of what it (our Nation) is doing in supporting unrighteousness and evil.  We had a prophetic utterance from Judge Brett Kavanaugh during his opening statement which was directly from Hosea 8:7….the fear was that America has sown the wind, and we will “REAP THE WHIRLWIND”.  WE as Christians can be SILENT NO MORE and we cannot LOSE our VOICE in this Season!  It is URGENT that we pray for MERCY for our Nation!

Today, I will declare in a really LOUD and BOLD VOICE, I do NOT support Abortion, it is murder! IF you are a Christian, the BIBLE is your plumbline for life…read it…GOD creates us and knows us IN THE WOMB!

I do not support legalization of drugs of any kind…it is ignorance. Anytime that you have a drug that will change the functioning of your frontal lobe in your brain, it changes the way you think and see things, it damages your brain, and can cause mental health disorders.  You will NOT have the capacity to make intelligent decisions for your life…your brain is actually dead in that area.  So now we want to legalize marijuana and we create a whole NATION of walking “dead” people…and anyone can tell you when you have that, you have just created a nation of lawlessness!

I do not support gay marriage, it goes against God’s design for mankind and it is perverse.  You may have been “born a certain way”…we ALL were, we all were “born into a world of sin”, but thank God for the BLOOD of JESUS which sets us free from sin!  Stop walking in the “fear of man” and compromising what you know is TRUTH just so you can keep your fan base to promote your business, financial, religious and political platform and personal agenda!  Homosexuality is sin…and if you are not a Christian, you are born with a moral conscious, so you would still know this is not right!  Stop living a life that creates more hurt, pain and hardship for yourself, and for your loved ones…PLEASE!

I do not support racism of any kind, segregation against black, yellow, red OR WHITE…and that anytime we choose to separate by “skin color” alone, we have just supported racism and segregated a population.  Stop supporting “White churches, black churches, white music, black music, etc….this continues to BREED racism in America!  Stop segregating yourself and your communities by the “WORDS” you STILL USE and by the “ATTITUDES” you STILL portray. STOP blaming people in the past from years ago about the “condition of your community and nation”, and START becoming the positive change you want to see happen.  START walking in UNITY…and promoting “true diversity”.

One reason racism persists in these contemporary times is because racist ideas are passed down from one generation to the next. Psychologist Marjorie Rhodes looks at the importance of how adults speak to children.  “Hearing generalizations, even positive or neutral ones, contributes to the tendency to view the world through the lens of social stereotypes,” Rhodes writes.  WATCH HOW YOU TALK and WATCH what you TEACH YOUR CHILDREN!

“How can we heal a nation that is divided along race, class and political lines?” Joshua F.J. Inwood of the Rock Ethics Institute at Penn State asked. He suggests that remembering Martin Luther King Jr.‘s message of love could bring our fractured nation together.  “For King,” Inwood writes, “love is a key part of creating communities that work for everyone and not just the few at the expense of the many.”  I am your sister in Christ!

I do not support “denominationalism” of any kind, as it divides GOD’s BODY of children, and a house and a kingdom divided against itself will NOT STAND!  If you do not know what you stand for or against as a Christian, I would beg you to get back in the BIBLE and start there.  How about using the BIBLE as your COMPLETE Articles of Faith”!  The different “articles of faith” that are written to support your denomination’s organization and man-made traditions is NO WHERE in the BIBLE.  And saying you are “non-denomination” IS a denomination.  Can we PLEASE just call ourselves by what IS in the Bible…THE BODY of CHRIST!  The “Ekklesia”!  There were simply believer’s in JESUS and non-believer’s, whether you were pagans or Jews. 

So, today… I IMPLORE YOU, to PRAY that GOD would give you a holy BOLDNESS and the COURAGE to really STAND UP and SPEAK OUT for the sake of not only our NATION, but for our NEXT GENERATION.  They are counting on you to set the course, to create an environment of living in a righteous and Godly Kingdom of love, unity, peace and wholeness!




January 15, 2019, 11:26 AM



WHY is knowing what you want to do and are passionate about so hard to nail down?  When you used to know without a shadow of a doubt…it now comes into question?  Do I want to mentor or coach women?  Do I want to write a book?  Write a Blog?  Do I want to get a 9-5 job and live  what some call “a normal life”?  Do I want travel and do a Mid Life Women You Tube Channel/VLOG about it?  What is it that really sets my heart on fire with zeal and passion?    

OR…is that what this JOURNEY is all about…to rediscover who I am?  Or is to UNCOVER  and DIG UP the REAL and TRUE me that over time LIFE and all it’s dirt has buried??

A quote by Emily McDowell:  “Finding yourself is not really how it works.  You aren’t a ten-dollar bill in last winter’s coat pocket.  You are also NOT LOST.  Your TRUE SELF is right there, BURIED under cultural conditioning, other people’s opinions, and inaccurate conclusions you drew as a kid that became YOUR BELIEFS about who you are.  Finding yourself is actually a RETURNING TO YOURSELF.  An UNLEARNING, an EXCAVATION, a REMEMBERING who you are BEFORE the WORLD got it’s hands on you”

So it seems that under all the horrific ….and sometimes beautiful experiences that life takes us through – we have been BURIED!! Buried under the hurts and anguish of …the pain of divorce, loss of a loved one, loss of my size 3, 5’9” body, loss of my thriving jet-setting career, loss of a child, loss of your mom-purpose due to your nest is now empty, loss of your sexy-ness cause now your love life with the hubby has cooled, loss of a girlfriend you thought you could trust until you found her in bed with your husband while you were in labor, loss of one or both parents and now you really feel…ALONE and you really feel your “mortality” setting in. I am wanting this dead woman walking – to COME ALIVE again!  I want to have a real HUNGER for LIFE again!  I want to seek after new experiences and go places I’ve never gone before, while really appreciating the little moments that are everyday miracles happening to me right now! 

So this year…and the remaining years to come, I am CHALLENGING MYSELF to LIVE LIFE to the FULLEST!!  To coin the old cliché’…to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE!! 

I want to go on a really long road trip with a girlfriend I can trust, explore spiritual places right here in my own country, listen to my favorite music really loud while driving and sing along out of key at the top of my lungs, stop a lot at road side diner’s, drive-in’s and dives, stop to explore the local culture in new places, admire the view from the Grand Canyon, visit local coffee shops and listen to local bands, take pictures of mountains and amazing sunsets, walk barefoot, do something really brave, run on the beach through the water on the California Coast, chase the sun, spend hours just sitting in silence in the Red Wood forest…soaking it all in, feel the wind in my hair, be kinder and compassionate to myself, sleep under the stars in the Mojave…desert-ok maybe in a camper, buy tacky souvenirs, observe old cowboys in Montana, perfect my fly fishing skills, persuade an old cowgirl to let me buy her worn-in distressed leather boots, pray for people along the journey, make new friends, rent a convertible and drive up the California Coast on PCH, tour the winery’s in Napa Valley and eat good food and drink amazing wine, and most important…I want to LOVE WELL, and KNOW HIM, my JESUS!!

So,…as I continue in this “Winter Season” to explore the possibilities of living a LIFE on PURPOSE…of PURSUING a LIFE OF PASSION – I get excited.  I get excited that I am not going to stay STUCK…that I will continue to grow spiritually, emotionally and become healthy again.  That I will wake up EVERYDAY and CHOOSE JOY and CHOOSE and PRACTICE... GRATITUDE!! 

A pursuit to going deeper in Christ…and telling that old woman…

Linda….COME FORTH!!!

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December 28, 2018, 12:04 PM


Have we for so long found or looked for our “identity” based on what roles we’ve played in the lives of our loved ones, family and friends??  Some of these could be…wife, girlfriend, lover, cook, housekeeper, mother, employer, boss, sister, daughter, friend, minister, pastor, counselor, mentor, speaker, volunteer,…and the list goes on!  How can I truly come to a clear “DEFINING” of who I am by ONLY the “FUNCTION” I play in the lives of SO many of the people that are in my sphere of influence? I think that is why sometimes in MIDLIFE when our lives experience the “LOSS” of a particular function or loss of a person, we are then smacked upside our newly found grey head, that we can no longer determine our value or get our affirmation of our identity from the “FUNCTION” of a person, as our  “FUNCTION” has ceased to exist!

SO we find we are in a befuddled mess of emotions and thoughts and feelings…all coming back to the age old questions:  WHO AM I?  WHY AM I HERE?  WHAT IS MY ETERNAL PURPOSE?

We come to this place of moving into the Stage 1 of DISENGAGING to go inward…to practice the pause to SEEK AFTER the ANSWERS to those questions! 

We move into a “Mid Life Quest for Identity”.  This quest might even endure into the ages of 50-60 years old, as circumstances continue to change, and desires continue to resurface, or maybe even be discarded as no longer relevant to us.  There is a theory in modern day psychology called Maslow’s Heirarchy of Human Needs.  We women feel the pressure of meeting our eternal needs of safety, sustainability, and status on their own.  We have a “restless craving” to realize our potential.  It’s all about RE-DISCOVERY of our amazing “greatness.”  The dilemma lies in the fact no one particular person can really define what that greatness or success looks like for us, as it is very individual for each person.  Some say that this search for greatness, or our grand purpose has no real definitive goal or destination.  Therein lies what some call the “CHALLENGE”….that in our search of REDEFINING who we are, there is ambiguity.  SO not everyone, and sometimes not even we ourselves will understand where we are at on this journey of a “Spiritual Transformation”!

For me personally, I can go to my Bible and allow myself to read who GOD says I am, as HE is my creator, and what HIS purpose is for me.  But I think because of EGO or SELF, we sometimes get distracted and taken off course of that God-pronounced long ago as our destiny…and need a time to get back in our own LANE of where it is we now fit.

I personally have seen so many try and “copy” or “duplicate” what others are doing, in the same way they are doing it…and they LOSE their own God-given design and purpose as GOD’s specific creation – and as one who has your own DNA, unlike anyone else! 

So…in trying to FIT IN to the NORM into society, careers and ministry purposes, have we LOST our TRUE SELF??  Have we just said YES to all the other people’s demands of us, and become what OTHER’s have expected us to be?  Have we really just been “people pleasers” all our lives, serving the needs of others—just so we can get the proverbial pat on the back and the affirmation of others that build up our ego?  And there are good things that come of serving, but in doing this I want to remind us all to NOT LOSE our AUTHENTIC SELF!

In essence,  I believe we have “GHOSTED”our true self!  By doing this, we start doing things from a place of other’s expections and out of a sense of obligation, rather than it being our SOUL’S CORE PURPOSE and HEARTFELT PASSION!!!  We start to get uneasy, aggravated, unhappy, tired, burnt out, and just become…well, BLAH!! LIFE BLOBS with NO JOY!

I want to encourage ALL of us…to seek and go after the DEFINITION of WHO you are, FOR REAL!  We need an ENCOUNTER with the DEEP REALITY of who we are as individuals!  Stop trying to imitate a “fake ideal” and truly DISCOVER….YOU! Be open to experiment with trying new things, going new places and meeting new people….strap yourself in…it’s about to get crazy!

Let’s go on this JOURNEY TOGETHER…stay tuned. 

December 20, 2018, 3:02 PM



Winter is one of four Season’s in our Life.  I believe we can experience different Spiritual Season’s in life.  I also believe that, sometimes, like the natural environment and the land around us, we will transform and move into different Seasons…from one Season to the next.  We can experience Seasonal SHIFT’s in our lives. I believe right before the Winter season, we almost start to feel a drawing away of our soul—or going into “hibernation".   Winter is a time where we “go inside” and find our refuge from the cold, where we are resting and drawing warmth from within.  Nature “freezes” – stops and is silent.  It is almost like nature practices a quiet  “pause” before it burst forth into all the bright light and  loud colors of Spring.  I believe I am in a Season of Winter in my life.  A time that I can practice the pause, reflect and go within, a time of quieting my soul and reconnect with my deepest area of the desires of my heart.  A time to try to rediscover and define what true purpose is here on earth.    


Today I read so many things in my Bible…but came across a verse in Jeremiah 4…verse 19…

It said:  My bowels, my bowels! (Bowels could hold a meaning of “walls of my heart”-“distressed deep in my heart”).  I am pained at my very heart: my heart maketh a noise in me:  I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war. 

Here we know the prophet Jeremiah was distressed at the calamity he saw coming on his country.  However for me personally, this verse spoke to where my heart calamity is…dissatisfied with “life as usual”, and I feel that the Lord is leading me into a different area in my life now.  HE has spoken to me recently about not losing my voice, and staying in my lane.  I believe that I have been pursuing whatever opportunities came into my life…all doing very good things not in my lane…and being very busy going from thing to thing…but never achieving my God given purpose that feeds my Soul.  In those things that kept me busy for someone else’s vision, I have LOST my own voice.


I believe that I, at this age and stage in my life, am going through what I will call a “Soul Transformation”.  I have been feeling drawn to wanting to spend more time alone to read, study, write, reevaluate and reflect on where I am at this point in my life.  I have little or no motivation or just don’t have the fire to even continue in my career of real estate—it is not my passion, and I am completely uninspired by it.  I have little to no energy to even continue my life in the status quo, and have to push myself some days to just get up, get dressed and show up!  I just am feeling like I “DON’T FIT” where I am at in my life now.  The weird thing about this is that I have actively participated in every aspect of this life.


Transitioning to TRANSFORMATION is never a quick and easy process, and I believe we go through several transformation in our lives…from childhood to puberty, from puberty to early adulthood, from adulthood to mature adult, from mature adult to elderly.  I believe throughout our lives we can experience all types of transformations in our Spirit, Soul and Body.


So as I pursue my SOUL TRANSFORMATION,  I believe I will have to go through all 4-PHASES to rediscover my PURPOSE.  


The four phases are as follows:



This is the place where you will need to let go of you old life that does not bring you joy or makes your heart leap.  In this phase you will need courage to let go of jobs and/or careers that you are not successful or advancing in, or is not moving you towards your God-given purpose or dream.  This will mean letting go of all that is NO LONGER NEEDED in your life to connect to your soul’s purpose.  It could start with a simple de-cluttering of your office, or closet.  It could also mean a dying to self or ego of the jobs you’ve kept around just because they brought you some sort of self-affirmation or identity.  It can also mean letting go of hurts, offenses, and bad attitudes or poor eating habits….and even letting go of toxic people in your life.  This process can take a while and will require great strength and courage.  It can feel like the DEATH or your OLD SELF… DON’T RUSH IT..the process.   You are looking to become the BEST version of yourself…spirit, soul, and body!  Let go of areas in your life that do not bring you to where God wants you to be.  Your spirit and heart are crying out to become ALL that GOD has already desired and put in you…it’s been there from the beginning….HE knew you in your mother’s womb.



This second phase is about awakening your NEW LIFE.  This stage of excitement you will experience a burst of energy to move forward with your new life, before the first stage is complete.  Again..don’t rush the first stage.    You will have a new zeal for exploring old dreams and a curiosity of what the future holds for you in your new dreams or opportunities.  Don’t be quick to rush in…and allow this to all progress naturally and slowly.  The critical factor to this second phase is to: EXPERIEMENT….and DO NOT COMMIT.  EXPLORE your OPTIONS and DREAMS WITHOUT COMMITMENT!! Take some different educational courses, try out new opportunities, go on adventures, explore different relationships, do things that will light your fire of excitement again!  But remember….NO SERIOUS COMMITMENTS in this phase.



This phase will be where you take a step and make the time to reflect, and create a NEW and improved vision of you!  This will come from the previous energizing phase of trying on new things and exploring new areas and roles that you may never have considered before.  Allowing yourself to be stretched out of your normal old comfortable zone in Phase 2 will help you discover the newer and better version of self.  This is where you will practice the “PAUSE”.  Creating a new vision for your life is serious business and you will need to take the time to step away from the old in order to see the new.  Make it a place where you won’t be busy with interruptions…and you can reflect on what is good in your current life, take stock of what you have learned in your past, and create a vision of what you want your life to be moving forward.  If you end this transformation process by committing too soon, and jump into opportunities, you will never achieve the true fulfillment your SOUL and HEART have been crying out for.  Don’t rush this.



This last phase is the REVEAL of the vision you created in the ENVISION phase.  This is where it become reality.  Finally after months of soul searching, praying, writing, experience, trying new things, meeting new people, going new places, you feel a MOVING FORWARD …an acceleration…a momentum.  You have let go of what you no longer need and your renewed dreams and purpose are emerging and forming in your life.  You get in the right lane of allowing you new vision to come to light…to be REVELAED to all in your life.  You have more clarity and direction in all areas of your life.  Your newfound fire for life is back and will push you in the right direction to fuel your passion. There may be delays or detours in this new phase…doubt could come if your dream doesn’t reveal itself in full phase yet, but stay in the fight.  Pursue your dream with a tenacity and persistence.  Allow all the things you have done and learned in your previous phases and in your life to let your VISION finally be made REAL in the REVEAL!!








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