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February 19, 2016, 9:03 AM


I really want to talk about something dear to my heart…and that is “the words of Jesus”.  I want to call us to a more “obedient” place to His Word.  After Jesus just called us to a higher call ….one of the most important messages in Matthew 5 titled “The Sermon on the Mount”, he then gives us instruction for “Secret Ministry” in Matthew 6:1-18.  He instructs us in Matthew 6:1 to “Take heed” (Pay attention) that we DO NOT our alms before men, to be see of them: OTHERWISE we will have NO REWARD of our Father in heaven.  This word “ALMS” in the Greek translates as “compassionateness, mercy, benefaction or donation to the poor”, basically “OUR GIVING”.   God says in 2 Corinthians 9:7 that every man as he purposeth in HIS HEART, so let him give, NOT grudgingly, or of necessity, for GOD loveth a cheerful giver.  SO GIVING starts predominately by what is in your HEART.  What is your HEART motive for GIVING?  I am hoping it is NOT done with the following motives: 1. Competition with others as in “AUCTION Style” giving 2. Manipulation to give based on coercion, obligation, guilt or threats of curses 3. To be SEEN before men and that gives us affirmation.  JESUS instructs us to “DO IT IN SECRET”, because he warns us in Matthew 6:2 that “the hypocrites” do it loudly for attention in the synagogues and in the streets that they may have “glory of men”, and THIS is their reward.  HE instructs us in Verse 4 “That thine alms may be in SECRET: and they Father which seeth in SECRET himself shall reward thee openly”.  GIVING is a “SECRET MINISTRY” to the Father.

The second “SECRET MINISTRY” that Jesus instructs us in is PRAYER in verses 5-8, and says in verse 6 “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet (ROOM), and when thou hast SHUT THE DOOR, PRAY to thy FATHER which is IN SECRET: and thy Father which seeth in SECRET shall reward thee openly.  Jesus then instructs us even by giving us a pattern and specifics on HOW to pray in verses 7-13, and along with PRAYING a PRE-REQUISITE to being able to PRAY is “walking in forgiveness” in verses 14-15.

The third “SECRET MINISTRY” that Jesus instructs us in is FASTING.  He warns us again in verse 16  “Moreover when ye fast, be NOT, as “the hypocrites”, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear UNTO MEN to fast.  Verily, I say unto you, they have their reward”.  SO again, we see here, where men are doing something that looks really GOOD, but the motive of their HEART is not of GOD!  These hypocrites are basically announcing to the people around them, “Hey look at me, I’m fasting”.  Again, we always have to SEARCH our HEARTS and allow the Lord to point out to us the “HEART motives” that are NOT of HIM!  Jesus then gave us instructions on how to fast in verses 17-18.

So we learn in Matthew 6:1-18 that JESUS’s intention was for a part of our ministry to be a “SECRET MINISTRY” done for HIM and for HIS reward.  Pleasing MY LORD, and carrying HIS MOTIVES and HEART, should always be MY FOCUS!  THIS….in essence is “SECRET MINISTRY”!

January 28, 2016, 1:07 PM


Last weekend we were so very blessed to be in service at Maranatha Fellowship in Baton Rouge with Pastor Keith and Melissa Hawes.  They hosted The Circuit Riders" for the weekend.  SOOO many things were confirmed and realigned in these services.  I was blessed to get to talk to a few of these guys.  Matt Perry was one that I shared what God showed me driving up Cumberland Gap mountain, when I heard an audible sound of people praying in tonges....God spoke and said, "Those are the prayers of your ancestors".  And SOOO many other things God showed me during this Season in 2009-2011---about HE is going to spark little fires of places that have been prepared by our ancestors through prayer...a PORTAL has been opened...its a connection to my heritage.  SOOOO many things...will write more later.

THIS YEAR pursuing a more "PERSONAL place of DEVOTION"....and being known as simply "The Beloved"...a DAUGHTER of a King!

December 24, 2015, 9:39 AM

Christmas Eve....

JESUS birth is the REASON for the SEASON!  How many of us forget that during the hustle and bustle of this "celebrated" event! We all know the Christmas Story...away in a manager,.... which led to eventually a walk to the cross,.....which led HIM to be seated in heavenly places making intercession for you and me!  GOD SO LOVED!  HE loved us enough that he SACRIFICED ALL for us!!

As some go about there merry way this season, racking up major credit card debt, so they can show there children and loved ones just how much they are loved by presenting them with many gifts or expensive items, let us remember that the MOST PRECIOUS GIFT we can give to our loved ones is OUR LOVE for THEM and our LOVE for HIM!  

I hope during this Christmas Season, we will slow our roll.... enough to REMEMBER that GOD IS LOVE!  And that Christmas should be ALL about LOVE!  Let us take time to show our loved ones they are loved....send a card, make a phone call, give a hug and kiss, or sit down and eat and laugh and just ENJOY OUR LOVED ONES company!  Let us not take any of these precious moments spent with loved ones for granted.  When your loved ones are not around, these memories during the holidays that you create...showing love, will be what is MISSED the most!!

Let us remember that LOVE really is the REASON for the SEASON....and spread the LOVE of JESUS to others, in and through us!!


Linda Rose

November 18, 2015, 10:55 AM

When GOD "Drops You A Line"

I just want to take a moment and share some really encouraging things I just happened to see happen amongst my peers and friends yesterday.  My heart is to empower, equip and send women into their God given purpose.  I know that without GOD I can do nothing in my own power and also need the gifts and talents of others to help me in this call.

I do think it is really cool how God can “drop us a line” to encourage us to press on into what He has purposed us to do.

Yesterday evening I received several encouraging “phone calls or messages” from women that I am honored to be doing life with.  One called me to share her professional Coaching Teaching skills with me!  This friend and I have walked through some really dark moments in life together, and NOW she is MOVING FORWARD into her calling!  BAM!  I also got another email from a friend who is ready to raise money to RELEASE her BOOK that God put in her and to encourage others by her Story.  I remember many teary phone calls with my friend who experienced much loss and hardship and trials, even when God was postioning her in a new place of blessing, and now BAM!...she is sharing her story with the world!  I then received another private message on Facebook that a friend has made a very hard decision to step down from a District Pastor position and give up her title in order to RUN AFTER her dream of writing and speaking!  WOW…now GOD is up to something with these Holy-Ghost filled women!! 

I just want to say that I am greatful for a GOD who would even “drop me a line” from three women friends in the same night and let me know,  that maybe even by some small word of encouragement or praying with these friends, that I can make an impact in others lives to help them reach their GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE!

There is a saying, how do you eat an elephant?  ONE bite at a time.  So I believe, how do we bring a REFORMATION in our church and a REVOLUTION to our community and world?....ONE WOMAN at a time…. that has the courage and strength enough to GO after their dream!!

HANG ON LADIES….GOD is up to something in your lives!!!.....”wait for it….”!!

November 2, 2015, 4:32 PM


I really need to find more time to write on this blog the things that are on my heart....

I am really excited to see what God is doing in the body of Christ in my sphere of influence!!

My heart and desire is to encourage others to move out and step into their God-given purpose.  This month I have seen some wonderful and powerful things happen.  I have seen a really strong woman who, even through all adversity, has stepped out to start her training in her gift via online webinars!  That is amazing.  I have seen a wonderful man of God who was trapped in the grief of the past launch his very first online teaching.  Another wonderful man of God has started doing daily Periscope's with a word from the Lord, and his wife is stepping into her God given purpose of inner healing and deliverance counseling.  A couple of ours who are Pastor,s has recently, within the last year, launched their home-missions church plant and are baptizing and seeing God move in their gatherings.  WOW....GOD is SOOO GOOD!  HE is a GOOD GOOD FATHER!!

I just want to say to all of you to NOT let the enemy DISCOURAGE you through doubt, fear, intimidation or grief from the past, in doing what you are called to do.  GOD is looking for those that will seek after the lost with a passion and compassion of HIS heart, and to NOT GIVE UP!!  To be tenacious in the pursuit and find a really strong RESOLVE deep in their soul to STAND and NOT RUN when faced with adversity from the enemy.  Persecution will come....that's expected.  

But if we do not grow weary in well doing, we will see a GREAT HARVEST of SOULS taken back for the Kingdom of GOD!

Time for you PRAYER WARRIORS to RISE....TIME TO PRAY for the Laborers of the Harvest, TIME TO PRAY for our NATION!



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