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November 2, 2015, 4:32 PM


I really need to find more time to write on this blog the things that are on my heart....

I am really excited to see what God is doing in the body of Christ in my sphere of influence!!

My heart and desire is to encourage others to move out and step into their God-given purpose.  This month I have seen some wonderful and powerful things happen.  I have seen a really strong woman who, even through all adversity, has stepped out to start her training in her gift via online webinars!  That is amazing.  I have seen a wonderful man of God who was trapped in the grief of the past launch his very first online teaching.  Another wonderful man of God has started doing daily Periscope's with a word from the Lord, and his wife is stepping into her God given purpose of inner healing and deliverance counseling.  A couple of ours who are Pastor,s has recently, within the last year, launched their home-missions church plant and are baptizing and seeing God move in their gatherings.  WOW....GOD is SOOO GOOD!  HE is a GOOD GOOD FATHER!!

I just want to say to all of you to NOT let the enemy DISCOURAGE you through doubt, fear, intimidation or grief from the past, in doing what you are called to do.  GOD is looking for those that will seek after the lost with a passion and compassion of HIS heart, and to NOT GIVE UP!!  To be tenacious in the pursuit and find a really strong RESOLVE deep in their soul to STAND and NOT RUN when faced with adversity from the enemy.  Persecution will come....that's expected.  

But if we do not grow weary in well doing, we will see a GREAT HARVEST of SOULS taken back for the Kingdom of GOD!

Time for you PRAYER WARRIORS to RISE....TIME TO PRAY for the Laborers of the Harvest, TIME TO PRAY for our NATION!



October 19, 2015, 12:10 PM


I just felt like sharing a couple of my thoughts that I have had since our first RE-LAUNCH Meeting of Women of the Vine on Saturday morning.  I have felt very encouraged to see women who are hungry after God and who want to grow in the Lord to become all that God has meant for them to be.  

This group of women will grow to become a true "COMMUNITY" of women that will create a safe place for women to come and share our struggles, heartbreaks, pains, joys, victories, and amazing stories of what GOD is doing in our lives.  I was so encourged to already see the Holy Spirit begin to move in our meeting as one of these women who had just met another, was led by the Holy Spirit to speak into the heart of another woman her struggles, but then also reached out with such love and care to come together in a one-on-one time for true innner healing in the future.   This was done ONLY through the work of the Holy Spirit among us.

Then conversations turned intimate into what we women sometimes struggle with, but WOW, what a wonderful thing to see women trusting other women with their most intimate details of their lives.  NOW that's a miracle!

I am really looking forward to what this group will grow into.  I know that so many leaders do not have a TRUE SAFE PLACE to come to share confidential issues, and know that this will be kept in confidence, and that they will be treated with such care and love that will bring healing to their "wounded souls".  


We are also looking forward to equipping women in the word of God, being empowered through the anointing of the Holy Ghost and moving out as WARRIOR WOMEN to do what God has purposed us to do!!

ARISE WARRIOR WOMEN!!!  The time is NOW!!!


September 20, 2015, 12:00 AM


I have in the last couple of days met with and talked to and counseled powerful leaders and Pastors.  This is the thing....they are ALL longing for walking in the fulness of their God-given purpose.  I have some, who at the expense of others, will ignore red flags, only to get to move into a building or a place where they can use their talent.  I have some who constantly talk about getting to use their gifting, to the point of self-promotion.  I have others, who have just checked-out of life for now and went underground, as they need some very much needed rest and healing from the hits of life in ministry.  I have others, who once were great men or women of faith, are afraid to take the risk again for God and step out and into what God has called them to do.  I have others who are SO discouraged, they don't even know where God is anymore in their lives.  All of this to say.......ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!  The enemy is trying to take us out and wear out the Saints and the Sons of God!

I want to be the person who can SPEAK LIFE and HEALING back into leaders, pray for them when they are not strong enough to pray for themselves.  I want to REMIND THEM of who they are in CHRIST, mighty warriors and sons of God!  I want to stop the hurt and the pain, even wounds inflicted in the house of their friends.  

We as THE BODY of Christ, and sons and daughters of God, have got to come together in UNITY!!!  We have GOT to come together in COMMUNITY!!  If we do not stand together, the enemy will divide us, isolate us and pick us off one by one.

It's time to GET ourselves back into the game, RISE UP and STAND TOGETHER and take back the Kingdom for GOD!!  It's time that we pay attention to what REALLY is the TRUE HEART of the LOVE GOD, and then LOVE our neighbor's as ourselves!!  

In this Season, I will NOT, I repeat NOT QUIT!!!

RISE UP MIGHTY WARRIOR, with COURAGE....DRAW your sword out of it's sheath, and lift up a BATTLE CRY!!! 



September 11, 2015, 7:52 PM

God's Heart

As I sit here today, looking out at the beautiful mountains and Cherokee lake, I find such peace and comfort here.  I can sit and abide with Jesus, pray, praise, read His word....this brings me such needed healing.

I often ask and pray for God to reveal His heart to me and to allow me to love others the way that He loves them.  I believe this is the BIGGEST challenge we can face as humans.  To love GOD first, but then to love others as we grasp the severity of this commandment?

I know that when we are in realtionship with others, that we can place our own demands on our realtionships.  But what does the Father place on these relationships?  There is so much in the forgive 70 x 7, to walk in love, that love endues ALL things, to submit to each other... we can go on and on.  We are called to a higher calling relationally.

Our challenge is to love with care, and TRUTH, and to allow others enough trust that they can be their authentic self. Unfortunately, even I fall short of this "loving unconditionally" challenge.

If we submit to the "Christ" in others, I believe this pleases the Lord.  However, on the flip side, if we are mean or ugly to others, who are we really mean or ugly to?  That may give us "pause" and realize that the way we relate to others touches the "HEART" of way ....or another.  

Let us make sure that we start to LOOK FOR the Christ in others....I believe this will make our heavenly Father smile.

My prayer is that we learn to love people AUTHENTICALLY.

September 6, 2015, 12:00 AM

Suggested reading for Pastors and Leaders...

“Caring Enough to Confront” By: David Augsburger is a book that I think every Pastor and Leader in ministry should read.  Having a calling to help people become set free from life-controlling issues, sometimes requires us to confront these issues in peoples lives with care, so that they do not remain in their issues.  Care-fronting is the secret for reforming conflicts.  To care and be clear... is mature relating; to be for the other person and to stand for what you value without comprimising either, is part of mature, adult communication.  Care-fronting sees conflict as natural, normal, neutral and can bring positive results if done correctly. 

There are four common views (1.My way, 2.No way, 3. Thy way, 4.Our way) about conflict that are dangerous, and then there is a fifth view (5.Third way)  that can see differences in each persepctive and can be worked through in collaboration created by caring enough to confront with truthfulneess and neighbor love. 

A relationship is only as strong as it’s clear communication.  To love is to be fully heard.  I want to hear accurately enough to feel what you feel.  When I speak I want to speak honestly, trusting others with my actual feelings and viewpoints and truths.  I want conflict to call out the best in myself and others, and be able to negoitate differences with respect that will bring about heaing and allow each of us to be truly authentic.

I want to be able to own my anger, which is the emotion that accompany’s my demands on people.  Once anger is owned I can 1.Negotiate the demands that matter or 2. Cancel the demands that do not.  Integrity grows as one is open to facing the demands on others.  Wisdom grows as one is willing to cancel unfair and unrealistic demands.  Maturity comes by freeing others to live without my controlling demands.

We can care enough about others to confront and challenge them to grow.  Unchallenged people become stuck in their self-centered, self-abosorbed life.  When either giving or receiving confrontation, CARING comes FIRST!  Caring creates a safe-pleace for the confrontation to be received.  Support, empathy, trust, affirmation, understanding and love build a solid foundation for the leveling or confrontation to happen. 

Basic trust is the foundation for all subsequent learning, and is crucial to all human relationships.  Trust is the basis for all other emotions and affections. 

We must never use blame in a conflict, as it is powerless to effect change and growth.  Shame is powerless to bring a new inner direction or correction.  Effective confrontation is based on responsibility, expressed responsibly and addressed to responsibility.  Responsibility is a concern in working through conflict.  You are always accountable for whatever you choose or do not choose.  We all have a memory museum with which we use to filter or judge issues and behavior.  We need to stop blaming and start owning our own responsibility for our relationships and interactions with others.

In order to be able to experience the freedom and change we all need, we have to be willing to start over which begins by owning responsibility for what has been.  We have to be able to be vulnerable in letting the need for change get through our defenses.  Responsibility is letting hope awaken and turn our actions in a new direction toward more constructive actions.  Life is always changing, so we have to become willing to not stay STUCK and change with it, to risk letting go of the pain of the past that we’ve held on to.  The beliefs, attitudes, and sterotypes we carry with us into our next moment in life are OUR choice.  We have to let go!

We have to learn to be a peacemaker and operate with a commitment to conscientious behavior.  Conscientious wisdom is a conscience open to and committed to truth—a conscience informed by obeidence to this knowledge.  It is the courage to be a responsible person, to believe in values to see meaning in life, and the courage to act with purpose and conform to a true set of priorities that are honorable.  Peacemakers risk stepping into conflict to work peace, to heal torn relationships and heal hearts.  Peacemakers seek to bring out the strength in others and encouorage them and release them to become all they are in Christ.

Loving with honesty, caring with confronting, truthing in love – these are the keys.  Concern for mutual fulfillment, joint opportunities for services and shared meaningful work (for Jesus) is the real goal! 

There are three streams of spirituality: 1. Mono-polar (self-fulfillment) 2. Bi-Polar (knowing God) and 3. Tri-polar (Love for God and neighbor).  Love of neighbor and Love of God spirituality works for RECONCILIATION.  It sees forgiving as the last step of healing and recoginizing that change, repentance and reaching out again is genuine and a restoration of relationships has been achieved.  A spirituality that seeks a balanced practice of love of self, love of God and love of neighbor is incredibly rewarding,…it  will be demanding and take courage.  However, Jesus commanded that we walk in this type of love in Mark 12:28-31.  And if my Lord commands it, I do believe it is what I need to obey.

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