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December 24, 2015, 9:39 AM

Christmas Eve....

JESUS birth is the REASON for the SEASON!  How many of us forget that during the hustle and bustle of this "celebrated" event! We all know the Christmas Story...away in a manager,.... which led to eventually a walk to the cross,.....which led HIM to be seated in heavenly places making intercession for you and me!  GOD SO LOVED!  HE loved us enough that he SACRIFICED ALL for us!!

As some go about there merry way this season, racking up major credit card debt, so they can show there children and loved ones just how much they are loved by presenting them with many gifts or expensive items, let us remember that the MOST PRECIOUS GIFT we can give to our loved ones is OUR LOVE for THEM and our LOVE for HIM!  

I hope during this Christmas Season, we will slow our roll.... enough to REMEMBER that GOD IS LOVE!  And that Christmas should be ALL about LOVE!  Let us take time to show our loved ones they are loved....send a card, make a phone call, give a hug and kiss, or sit down and eat and laugh and just ENJOY OUR LOVED ONES company!  Let us not take any of these precious moments spent with loved ones for granted.  When your loved ones are not around, these memories during the holidays that you create...showing love, will be what is MISSED the most!!

Let us remember that LOVE really is the REASON for the SEASON....and spread the LOVE of JESUS to others, in and through us!!


Linda Rose

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