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November 14, 2018, 8:56 AM



So….this year I have been volunteering in a position that helps get people into substance abuse treatment.  This has been very rewarding, while some have victories, others continue to struggle.  I volunteered to do this to simply help people, but because of the “political arena” that I am in, it has challenges.  Too many are doing this to advance their political platform, or for their own business or financial agenda.  I did not get into this volunteer position to be a part of that, but just simply to help set the captives free and point them to Jesus.  In some things that we do that are GOOD, we can get distracted by what GOD has originally called us to specifically.  So I hear the Lord remind me to “NOT LOSE MY VOICE”, and to “STAND for TRUTH and RIGHTEOUSNESS”, and that I need to “STAY IN MY LANE” so to speak.  On that note, I am getting back into my lane of writing and teaching the truth about what God’s WORD says--I WILL NOT COMPROMISE TRUTH.  I have only written on this blog twice so far this year….time to “PICK IT BACK UP” again and “RUN with the VISION of being a REFORM-lutionary!!  A person who wants to point people to Jesus and continue HIS Reformation HE began from the beginning in HIS BODY, the church, and to bring a REVOLUTION to our Nation to get those that are lost back to HIM!

SO….I will be continuing to MOVE FORWARD in whatever DOOR HE ONLY OPENS for ME!!

Stay tuned….GOD has so much planned for his REMNANT of those who will be obedient and take up their cross and follow HIM ONLY!!!

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