May 2019   
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From: Chief of Police-Tim Lenzt-Retired-City of Covington

Please allow me to use this means to express my sincere appreciation for Linda Hudson. In 2016 my department launched Operation Angel, a program that allows those suffering from addiction to walk into my police department and simply ask for help. The officers will help find a treatment program for the individual, usually within minutes of them walking in the door.

Our program was met with tremendous success with over 100 people walking in the front door asking for help. There was a vital piece of our program that was missing, and that was the follow up with those that have entered the program. That is where Linda Hudson walks into my life. Linda saw the important work Operation Angel was doing in our community, but we were missing a piece to our puzzle. Linda immediately started volunteering her time and on a regular basis, would reach out and even meet with those that have entered the program. Through her constant follow up, and more than anything, her caring heart, Linda had a way of convincing indivuduals that treatment was the only way they could survive and beat their addiction.

Through her efforts, 39% of the individuals that entered Operation Angel, are clean and sober today! In addition, Linda has expanded the program to an area that is often overlooked. Now when we are called to a residence for an overdose, within days Linda is at the home with treatment options for the overdose victim.

Her work is truly remarkable and she is an Angel in her own right. Because of her, people are alive and well today. Please let me repeat that statement, because of her people are alive and well today!

I fully support this wonderful lady and whatever lies on the horizon for her. She is a class act that has touched so many lives, mine included.

If you need any additional information, please don't hesitate to call me on my personal cell (985-966-2248).


Tim Lentz, M.C.J.

Chief of Police Retired--City of Covington

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