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April 24, 2016, 5:05 PM

God Gave GIFTS.....

I have been traveling for the past three happy to be home in Louisiana where I can have some time to catch up on some adiministrative and other tasks.  

I wanted to pose the question to you...."Have you ever been "betrayed", or treated with the "less than" respect or honor that either you expected or felt you deserved?  If you have been in ministry for any length of time, the resounding answer is no doubt a very loud "YES"!! 

While in my car coming home from a ministry meeting, I was having a pitty party for myself, thinking about a time where I was treated with really rude behavior from someone in a ministry leadership position.  So I began to become a little upset...and I started to reflect about this time and talk to the Lord about my "hurt feelings".  I said, "GOD, don't they know who you sent to them, don't they know who I am, that I am a mighty daughter of a King, that carries the glory and fire of your presence within me....why don't they receive me?", and in my pitty party, I felt the presence of GOD just flood my car, and I so felt His GRIEF.  I heard the Lord say, "You are being made one with me in my sufferings.  Don't you know how I felt, when I sent them my Son, who arrived in humility, the most humblest of places, who was clothed in my glory...yet they tried to kill him, even from birth. MY son...who walked as a humble servant, rode in on a donkey...they did not know the KING that was right in front of them, because He came with humble begininngs, they only looked on the outside and did not see the royalty of who He really was. They REJECTED Him, BETRAYED Him, MOCKED Him, SPIT on Him, SCOURGED Him, BEAT HIM, and finally CRUCIFIED Him.  THEY NEVER RECEIVED my GREATEST SON, the Savior of the World....(All because they were looking for a King that would come in all of his pomp and status, riches on a world wide stage ).  So when they REJECT YOU...they are REJECTING another GIFT from me....thus they are rejecting ME."

So my Father continued to speak to my heart to say that as it says in Ephesians 4:7, 11, the GIFTS I have sent to the BODY have been rejected because they judge by only the standard of what the world calls "success" what they see on the outside.  The world sees success as someone who has BIG money, BIG houses (megachurches), and FAME (World Wide Ministry Status), and they have rejected the ones I have sent into them walking in with a humble servant's heart!  

I believe the Father is grieved by such prideand arrogance in not accepting HIS GIFTS sent to men..."for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ".

Let us stop glorifying MAN, and let us HONOR ALL of our brothers and sisters in Christ, that GOD SENDS as GIFTS....sometimes in very humble packaging. 

Let us never forget that we are ALL HIS creation, our validation and affirmation of worth should come not from any man, but from our Father...that we are HIS beloved children.

Let us ALL not be guilty by judging the package by the world's standards of success.

Let us NOT reject HIM by rejecting HIS GIFTS!!

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