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September 11, 2015, 7:52 PM

God's Heart

As I sit here today, looking out at the beautiful mountains and Cherokee lake, I find such peace and comfort here.  I can sit and abide with Jesus, pray, praise, read His word....this brings me such needed healing.

I often ask and pray for God to reveal His heart to me and to allow me to love others the way that He loves them.  I believe this is the BIGGEST challenge we can face as humans.  To love GOD first, but then to love others as we grasp the severity of this commandment?

I know that when we are in realtionship with others, that we can place our own demands on our realtionships.  But what does the Father place on these relationships?  There is so much in the forgive 70 x 7, to walk in love, that love endues ALL things, to submit to each other... we can go on and on.  We are called to a higher calling relationally.

Our challenge is to love with care, and TRUTH, and to allow others enough trust that they can be their authentic self. Unfortunately, even I fall short of this "loving unconditionally" challenge.

If we submit to the "Christ" in others, I believe this pleases the Lord.  However, on the flip side, if we are mean or ugly to others, who are we really mean or ugly to?  That may give us "pause" and realize that the way we relate to others touches the "HEART" of way ....or another.  

Let us make sure that we start to LOOK FOR the Christ in others....I believe this will make our heavenly Father smile.

My prayer is that we learn to love people AUTHENTICALLY.

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