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December 31, 2017, 7:20 AM


We WELCOME IN the New Year 2018!!!

My WORD for this year is simply...."GENUINE"!  I long to be completely sincere and GENUINE in my personal relationship with Jesus and with my family and friends.  There is noting that I love more than people who are REAL and themselves around me, so I hope to be that to others!

As I continue to HEAR the WORDS OF JESUS...and let them resonate in my brings me to such a place of PEACE and REST.  I have found that in the season , I am seeking to grow personally and really listen to the Lord.  I feel that I will continue to trust in the "SIMPLICITY of the GOSPEL"!!  We (myself included in the we) have made this SO MUCH MORE complicated than it has to be, and in the desire of making ourselves seem so much more "super spiritual" and "knowledegable" we have turned to eating from the "Tree of KNOWLEDGE of Good and Evil" instead of the "Tree of LIFE" (JESUS CHRIST)!!!  I am on a journey to really HEAR and OBEY the WORDS OF JESUS...because if I am to "KNOW HIM" I believe this is CRUCIAL in my personal walk with HIM!!!  My Heart's Cry is "OH, that I may KNOW HIM"....even deeper than ever.  

I once looked one of my very dear friends in the eye and said, "IF JESUS HIMself were to WALK THROUGH THAT WALL, and look you dead in the eye and say your name and say I want you to DO THIS, and to NOT DO THAT, would you do it?"  Her answer, as she is a mighty woman of God, was "Of course".  I said, "But unfortunately WE are NOT DOING THAT!". We have his words to us already in the four Gospel's and the entire BIBLE.   I have been on this quest to RE-READ the words that "JESUS SAID"...and really "HEAR THEM"!!! Not filter those words through my denominational mindsets, organizational 'articles of faith', or other beliefs that I have picked up on by listenting even to the wrong Christian leaders that say alot of things that tickle my ears through their teachings, conferences or books....but READ WHAT The Bible is saying from even Genesis to Revelation.  The HOLY BIBLE--ALL of it POINTS to CHRIST!!! So let us stop putting other IDLE words and things on the throne of heart--and REPLACE it with JESUS CHRIST who should ALWAYS HAVE FIRST PLACE on the THRONE OF OUR HEART!!  IDOLATRY in any form is still a sin.  Let us become GOD-pleasers and NOT man-pleasers!  Let us ALWAY PREACH JESUS CHRIST and the Kingdom--and stop preaching all those other things that only tend to make people SO DEPENDANT upon US and MEN and not UPON JESUS CHRIST!!  Let us stop preaching things that DO NOT POINT PEOPLE TO JESUS!!

JESUS died to redeem us back to our rightful place as sons and daughter's of GOD!  HE is our AUTHORITY OVER US...let us allow JESUS to take his rightful place and be our Apostle and HIGH PRIEST.  There is only one mediator between GOD and Man, that is JESUS CHRIST.  If Jesus is sitting at the right hand on the throne making intercession for us, why do we feel that man can usurp that position?  It bogles my mind how we have taken SOOOO many things out of this gospel and twisted it to fit our own plan and agenda, to promote ourselves and we have stopped promoting JESUS!!!

My prayer for this NEW YEAR is that we allow JESUS back into HIS BODY, HIS BUILDING, not built with man's hands, we are the TEMPLE...and allow HIM to REIGN in HIS rightful place once again!!


Let us LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE ....the two GREATEST COMMANDMENTS we can keep!!

Let us STOP all the showboating, perfomance and grandstanding so others think we are so spiritual!

Let us STOP all the backbiting and devouring HIS BODY!! If you do it to "the least of these" you've DONE IT TO JESUS!!

Let us be a WITNESS of the LOVE and LIGHT of GOD wherever we go and to whomever we come in contact with!!

Let us not be guilty of sowing division and strife, but walk in UNITY with our brothers and sisters in CHRIST!

Let us TRULY be "GENUINE" in our LOVE for others and FOR HIM!


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