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September 20, 2015, 12:00 AM


I have in the last couple of days met with and talked to and counseled powerful leaders and Pastors.  This is the thing....they are ALL longing for walking in the fulness of their God-given purpose.  I have some, who at the expense of others, will ignore red flags, only to get to move into a building or a place where they can use their talent.  I have some who constantly talk about getting to use their gifting, to the point of self-promotion.  I have others, who have just checked-out of life for now and went underground, as they need some very much needed rest and healing from the hits of life in ministry.  I have others, who once were great men or women of faith, are afraid to take the risk again for God and step out and into what God has called them to do.  I have others who are SO discouraged, they don't even know where God is anymore in their lives.  All of this to say.......ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!  The enemy is trying to take us out and wear out the Saints and the Sons of God!

I want to be the person who can SPEAK LIFE and HEALING back into leaders, pray for them when they are not strong enough to pray for themselves.  I want to REMIND THEM of who they are in CHRIST, mighty warriors and sons of God!  I want to stop the hurt and the pain, even wounds inflicted in the house of their friends.  

We as THE BODY of Christ, and sons and daughters of God, have got to come together in UNITY!!!  We have GOT to come together in COMMUNITY!!  If we do not stand together, the enemy will divide us, isolate us and pick us off one by one.

It's time to GET ourselves back into the game, RISE UP and STAND TOGETHER and take back the Kingdom for GOD!!  It's time that we pay attention to what REALLY is the TRUE HEART of the LOVE GOD, and then LOVE our neighbor's as ourselves!!  

In this Season, I will NOT, I repeat NOT QUIT!!!

RISE UP MIGHTY WARRIOR, with COURAGE....DRAW your sword out of it's sheath, and lift up a BATTLE CRY!!! 



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