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November 26, 2018, 1:04 PM


Have we as a church body lost the desire for the "MORE OF GOD"??  Where is the FIRE and the PASSION and the DESIRE to simply....ENTER INTO HIS PRESENCE?  Have we forfeited PRESENCE for PROGRAMS?  PREACHING for SELF-HELP MESSAGES?  HEART FELT PRAISE for MUSICAL ENTERTAINING PERFECTION that is cut short....JUST before we allow the Holy Spirit to move into a room and change the atmosphere?  Have we been so concerned by the TIME CLOCK and staying on time, verses allowing GOD to do what HE WANTS to do in our gatherings?  Have our prayers become cold, quick and lifeless, instead of gut-wrenching TRAVAIL?  Have we desired SO MUCH to have our TITLES, that we forsake HUMILITY, SERVING, EQUIPPING and SENDING OTHERS into where GOD wants them as a gift to be used to reach others that are lost?  ARE we IGNORNING the WORD OF JESUS, and instead of just being obedient to what he says...or are we twisitng and turning the word of GOD and using it to manipulate the people into doing what WE WANT them to do?  WHY have we worshipped a building, a ministry, a man, and rules and traditions of men over the complete COUNSEL of what GOD's WORD SAYS??  Have we.....FORSAKEN our true identity to live in complete FREEDOM from all things that keep us in bondage, and go running right back to the things that HE DELIVERED us out of?

WHY do we put SELF.....on a PEDESTAL......ABOVE..........HIM??? The ONE and only glorious and TRUE GOD!!

Get back into your word....DO what JESUS said...don't add to it or take away from it....just OBEY!  

Love HIM with your whole HEART, SOUL, and MIND...then...........LOVE everybody else (and no, not in a codependent kind of love)...but LOVE them enough to SPEAK HIS TRUTH to them.


Let us FOCUS on what really matters.........HIM....JESUS!  Point others to HIM.

That is all...........for now.


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