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November 18, 2015, 10:55 AM

When GOD "Drops You A Line"

I just want to take a moment and share some really encouraging things I just happened to see happen amongst my peers and friends yesterday.  My heart is to empower, equip and send women into their God given purpose.  I know that without GOD I can do nothing in my own power and also need the gifts and talents of others to help me in this call.

I do think it is really cool how God can “drop us a line” to encourage us to press on into what He has purposed us to do.

Yesterday evening I received several encouraging “phone calls or messages” from women that I am honored to be doing life with.  One called me to share her professional Coaching Teaching skills with me!  This friend and I have walked through some really dark moments in life together, and NOW she is MOVING FORWARD into her calling!  BAM!  I also got another email from a friend who is ready to raise money to RELEASE her BOOK that God put in her and to encourage others by her Story.  I remember many teary phone calls with my friend who experienced much loss and hardship and trials, even when God was postioning her in a new place of blessing, and now BAM!...she is sharing her story with the world!  I then received another private message on Facebook that a friend has made a very hard decision to step down from a District Pastor position and give up her title in order to RUN AFTER her dream of writing and speaking!  WOW…now GOD is up to something with these Holy-Ghost filled women!! 

I just want to say that I am greatful for a GOD who would even “drop me a line” from three women friends in the same night and let me know,  that maybe even by some small word of encouragement or praying with these friends, that I can make an impact in others lives to help them reach their GOD-GIVEN PURPOSE!

There is a saying, how do you eat an elephant?  ONE bite at a time.  So I believe, how do we bring a REFORMATION in our church and a REVOLUTION to our community and world?....ONE WOMAN at a time…. that has the courage and strength enough to GO after their dream!!

HANG ON LADIES….GOD is up to something in your lives!!!.....”wait for it….”!!

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