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December 20, 2018, 3:02 PM



Winter is one of four Season’s in our Life.  I believe we can experience different Spiritual Season’s in life.  I also believe that, sometimes, like the natural environment and the land around us, we will transform and move into different Seasons…from one Season to the next.  We can experience Seasonal SHIFT’s in our lives. I believe right before the Winter season, we almost start to feel a drawing away of our soul—or going into “hibernation".   Winter is a time where we “go inside” and find our refuge from the cold, where we are resting and drawing warmth from within.  Nature “freezes” – stops and is silent.  It is almost like nature practices a quiet  “pause” before it burst forth into all the bright light and  loud colors of Spring.  I believe I am in a Season of Winter in my life.  A time that I can practice the pause, reflect and go within, a time of quieting my soul and reconnect with my deepest area of the desires of my heart.  A time to try to rediscover and define what true purpose is here on earth.    


Today I read so many things in my Bible…but came across a verse in Jeremiah 4…verse 19…

It said:  My bowels, my bowels! (Bowels could hold a meaning of “walls of my heart”-“distressed deep in my heart”).  I am pained at my very heart: my heart maketh a noise in me:  I cannot hold my peace, because thou hast heard, O my soul, the sound of the trumpet, the alarm of war. 

Here we know the prophet Jeremiah was distressed at the calamity he saw coming on his country.  However for me personally, this verse spoke to where my heart calamity is…dissatisfied with “life as usual”, and I feel that the Lord is leading me into a different area in my life now.  HE has spoken to me recently about not losing my voice, and staying in my lane.  I believe that I have been pursuing whatever opportunities came into my life…all doing very good things not in my lane…and being very busy going from thing to thing…but never achieving my God given purpose that feeds my Soul.  In those things that kept me busy for someone else’s vision, I have LOST my own voice.


I believe that I, at this age and stage in my life, am going through what I will call a “Soul Transformation”.  I have been feeling drawn to wanting to spend more time alone to read, study, write, reevaluate and reflect on where I am at this point in my life.  I have little or no motivation or just don’t have the fire to even continue in my career of real estate—it is not my passion, and I am completely uninspired by it.  I have little to no energy to even continue my life in the status quo, and have to push myself some days to just get up, get dressed and show up!  I just am feeling like I “DON’T FIT” where I am at in my life now.  The weird thing about this is that I have actively participated in every aspect of this life.


Transitioning to TRANSFORMATION is never a quick and easy process, and I believe we go through several transformation in our lives…from childhood to puberty, from puberty to early adulthood, from adulthood to mature adult, from mature adult to elderly.  I believe throughout our lives we can experience all types of transformations in our Spirit, Soul and Body.


So as I pursue my SOUL TRANSFORMATION,  I believe I will have to go through all 4-PHASES to rediscover my PURPOSE.  


The four phases are as follows:



This is the place where you will need to let go of you old life that does not bring you joy or makes your heart leap.  In this phase you will need courage to let go of jobs and/or careers that you are not successful or advancing in, or is not moving you towards your God-given purpose or dream.  This will mean letting go of all that is NO LONGER NEEDED in your life to connect to your soul’s purpose.  It could start with a simple de-cluttering of your office, or closet.  It could also mean a dying to self or ego of the jobs you’ve kept around just because they brought you some sort of self-affirmation or identity.  It can also mean letting go of hurts, offenses, and bad attitudes or poor eating habits….and even letting go of toxic people in your life.  This process can take a while and will require great strength and courage.  It can feel like the DEATH or your OLD SELF… DON’T RUSH IT..the process.   You are looking to become the BEST version of yourself…spirit, soul, and body!  Let go of areas in your life that do not bring you to where God wants you to be.  Your spirit and heart are crying out to become ALL that GOD has already desired and put in you…it’s been there from the beginning….HE knew you in your mother’s womb.



This second phase is about awakening your NEW LIFE.  This stage of excitement you will experience a burst of energy to move forward with your new life, before the first stage is complete.  Again..don’t rush the first stage.    You will have a new zeal for exploring old dreams and a curiosity of what the future holds for you in your new dreams or opportunities.  Don’t be quick to rush in…and allow this to all progress naturally and slowly.  The critical factor to this second phase is to: EXPERIEMENT….and DO NOT COMMIT.  EXPLORE your OPTIONS and DREAMS WITHOUT COMMITMENT!! Take some different educational courses, try out new opportunities, go on adventures, explore different relationships, do things that will light your fire of excitement again!  But remember….NO SERIOUS COMMITMENTS in this phase.



This phase will be where you take a step and make the time to reflect, and create a NEW and improved vision of you!  This will come from the previous energizing phase of trying on new things and exploring new areas and roles that you may never have considered before.  Allowing yourself to be stretched out of your normal old comfortable zone in Phase 2 will help you discover the newer and better version of self.  This is where you will practice the “PAUSE”.  Creating a new vision for your life is serious business and you will need to take the time to step away from the old in order to see the new.  Make it a place where you won’t be busy with interruptions…and you can reflect on what is good in your current life, take stock of what you have learned in your past, and create a vision of what you want your life to be moving forward.  If you end this transformation process by committing too soon, and jump into opportunities, you will never achieve the true fulfillment your SOUL and HEART have been crying out for.  Don’t rush this.



This last phase is the REVEAL of the vision you created in the ENVISION phase.  This is where it become reality.  Finally after months of soul searching, praying, writing, experience, trying new things, meeting new people, going new places, you feel a MOVING FORWARD …an acceleration…a momentum.  You have let go of what you no longer need and your renewed dreams and purpose are emerging and forming in your life.  You get in the right lane of allowing you new vision to come to light…to be REVELAED to all in your life.  You have more clarity and direction in all areas of your life.  Your newfound fire for life is back and will push you in the right direction to fuel your passion. There may be delays or detours in this new phase…doubt could come if your dream doesn’t reveal itself in full phase yet, but stay in the fight.  Pursue your dream with a tenacity and persistence.  Allow all the things you have done and learned in your previous phases and in your life to let your VISION finally be made REAL in the REVEAL!!








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